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Whether you are sojourning or you are a citizen makes no difference to me.  Whether an Atheist or Believer mattereth not either – as long as you believe in actual versus perceived individuality.  Having said that, if you are residing here and you are not here to either taste and see that America is, by and large, good, or facilitate greatness for yourself and all stateside, nonviolent individuality please feel free to leave. Additionally, for the love of all things decent, convince your ilk to leave U.S. too.

As an American, I’ve a responsibility to foster nonviolent debate and/or agreement.


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The evil, swastika gets a fresh, facelift

If the sun ever arose victorious, surely May 1st, 1945 was one of those days.  God’s sun witnessed against the evil that was and is Adolf Hitler.  Most-assuredly a new day had dawned – a Tuesday fit for the annals of heaven.

Sigourney Weaver got to face the motherload during the 1979 filming of Director Ridley Scott’s Alien.  As gnarly as that fomenting quote unquote female, dog  was, the “Queen Bee” of everything extra-terrestrial, that wasn’t of the E.T. may we take you home to mom, variety had nothing on either Hitler or Muslim jihadists.  I understand that something just as insidious lurks in the shadow of Adolf’s fondness for a manipulated, manipulative cross – time-stamped Eastern, NBC and CNN time.

Contrary largely to the extent of Millennial education/indoctrination, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum believes that the Swastika easily predates not only Islam, but also “White Nationalism.”  I do not blame Millenials for being green behind the ears.  More than a few of our Millennials are “so well groomed” today.  For example, at least one writer mesh with 24 LEGACY alleges that the prophet Muhammad had Jewish and Christian friends. Ripened for Organizing For Action – all to eager for “Sometimes bloody even.”   Theirs is a creepy illness.  So critically ill is OFA that not only would they refuse to hold a door for a subject of agism, but block a roadway built also for the swift transport of an aging, American of African or Latino descent in dire need of a well-equipped, medical facility in an effort to be heard.

This blogger, author and filmmaker contends that anyone which associates Jews with dogs and monkeys cannot also fear the Swastika.  What sayest ye, mainstream media?  Why the uptick just in the last six to nine months – in terms of Swastika sightings, and; furthermore, why within communities which do boast large numbers of Muslims.  Muslims, not unlike our 50 SHADES OF Grey ladies both feign fear and disgust quite well, and could add this new low, even for feigning, to their LinkedIn profiles.  Say interesting, and try not to clap in unison for once in your “adult” life.

Furthermore, the Holocaust Memorial Museum asserts that “To this day it (the Swastika) is a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Odinism.”  If we determine one day that a rise in public Swastikas stateside, during the period of 2016/2017 A.D., was a result of Buddhist empowerment, would mainstream media correct course – rather than continue implying that White Nationalists were behind the sharp rise in Swastikas in communities boasting large numbers of Muslims?

Don’t hold your breath America.

Culture, the occult and the modern family Democrat

Purportedly, Michael Oher’s tutor once told him that directly under Neyland Stadium existed one of Michael’s greatest fears – animated, disassembled, body parts.  Although the allegation wasn’t based on truth it played an effective role.  Barack Hussein Obama loves to allege that my team is down with carpet bombing.  If you are a conservative, feel free to roll it out.  ‘Tis quite liberating to say, be “wary, wary, awade,” in one’s best Elmer Fudd dialect.

“My daughter has been treated so unfairly by Nordstrom. She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!”  Quick Chicken Little, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.”  Trust me, there are two spirits gone out into the world; the spirit of creation, and the spirit of destruction – unfortunately they collide daily, but won’t forever. Tragically however, for the United States, when coupled with a show of hands last year at an early Trump Rally, highly viewed as a Nazi Salute, macroeconomics minus microeconomics, the stuff Steve Bannon is on to, often leads to boiled frog that mere seconds before felt cozy. Modern family Democrats don’t realize they are playing Russian Roulette with our first bill of right.  At least we would fight and die for, if need be, a could-be-apparent truth – the First Ammendment to the United States Constitution applies to all non-destructive, non-violent, Americans.

In one respect, I believe in evolution. I also believe in spiritual devolution, or degradation of our Republic. The Obama’s on Sesame Street, Teen Nick,  Disney Family, Hellcats, Pretty Little Liars, and The Walking Dead – South Park.  But wait, there’s more.  “Peaceful” snowflakes get to graduate to Saturday Night Live – ensuring they are not alone in their individuality.  Whereas we exercise our concerns by not purchasing individual tickets, to see “free world productions” like The Last Temptation of Christ or protesting destructively or violently, the silence of their “adults” is often deafening.

Then, of course, they’ve conglomerates that would make Goliath blush; ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and NPR. ‘Tis not as if they’ve been without opportunity to utterly control programming where rather Nazi-esque, state-policed, mainstream media is concerned.  Biased media has an actual versus perceived kissing cousin fake news. Legitimate adults dodged a bullet in the form of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. Unlike our “American” counterpart, more rather than fewer choices don’t keep us up at night.

In closing, I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but Angela Merkel was first to shatter your would-be-glass ceiling.  If you are naive enough to believe that America’s first female President had she been Hillary Rodham Clinton wouldn’t also blame rape victims here for their individual choice in attire, you are part of the problem. You’ve more pressing issues than tackling inequity where gender pay gap is concerned.  Colleen Hufford may have loved to one day participate as a  panelist, but she can’t because she is dead. Prioritize much?

Waterboarding, or tea and crumpets?

“But God is love.”  Yes Elohim is love, but that hardly qualifies you for either a Nobel Peace Prize or an honorary degree from the institute For contextual Correctness – jelly bean.  I will get around to waterboarding.  I promise. “God is love!”  Hey don’t I know you?  I do, I do know you!  You were a devout separation-of-church-and-statie for the last eight plus years – except for when America’s first “black” president would use God’s word sorely out of context on a biannual basis on live television.  You were too enamored by his “swag factor” weren’t you?  Did you; not unlike Chris Matthews, have a thrill go up your leg when forty-four first addressed us as a nation? You did, didn’t you?

Please allow for me to preface the rest of this blog entry with having said kudos to those LBT’ers that are down with creating their own churches and scouting organizations.  You get it!  As for the rest of you, grow up and stop being so petulant.

Mike Pompeo is goooood.  During his Senate confirmation hearings he had me convinced that he was a truly kind man that wouldn’t use “extreme” interrogation techniques like the FBI’s treatment of the Facebook posts, of the San-Bernardino-perp variety, under America’s first “black” president.  You know the guy that received a Nobel Peace Prize from zombie clones akin to ABC’s MODERN FAMILY.  In other words, for the Nancy Pelosi and John Lewis’ of the “free world,” Mr. Pompeo actually had me convinced that he wouldn’t use waterboarding at every turn.  I know gullibility is difficult to dispense with when there’s a thrill running up your leg but my god man.

Were you aware that the official motto of Massachusetts is THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA. Christians no longer have to fear using the word “SPIRIT” because they are afraid that snowflakes will misinterpret use of the word “spirit” with a mandatory, religious test to be approved by Congress.

Eureka, I’ve an idea.


Dealing with the spirit of forced conversion in America

Forced conversion has a “kissing cousin,” but we’ll get to that later.

Can you say Colleen Hufford?

American “ladies,” of the globalist vein, seem to be pretty active as of late – one, not unlike Angela Merkel, represented the Democratic Convention quite well, and her proxies attended an infamous, Women’s March a day after the inauguration of our forty-fifth President.

The attitude behind the heart of forced conversion isn’t exclusive to caliphate-cronyism. More than a few textbook-educated, Democrats, of the Modern Family version, believe that Christianity poses a threat equal to that expressed by the Alton Alexander Nolens of the “free world.”  Wildly, delusional are those men or women – nearly to the point of requiring medication.  Whether one is environmentally fond of Common Core mathematics or not, their math just doesn’t add up.

I have come across ardent, self-proclaimed atheists that consider religion itself civilization’s bane, and internally they would rather dispense entirely with those unwilling to dismiss with their faith.  Frankly, I am not comfortable with a White, immigrant that is either from Europe or of Nordic ancestry and quietly okay with eradicating any lawful American which governs his or her life based on endearment where the first amendment is concerned.  In fact, I would be deeply troubled if America’s Shiites decided tomorrow that they were looking to eradicate pro-First Amendment, Sunnis or vice versa.

Essentially, the burden of proof should rest squarely upon the shoulders of immigrants – regardless of their origin/skin color, or religion of choice – to include atheists.  All would- be-immigrants should be attached to a lie detector machine and asked whether or not they are okay with either forced conversion, or greater taxation for the unbeliever – an Obama favorite.

Our team created neither forced conversion nor its “Kissing Cousin,” the Lois Lerner form of governance.  Who needs Congress to create a law that respects an established world religion when you’ve the EEOC to ensure that the deeply held religious belief of Muslims are highly favored. Honest adults have concluded that Muslim bakeries would not create a cake for homosexual couples.

Forced conversion where Christianity is concerned is as common as the supposed uptick in crime against Muslims in America.

A dive-bomber just hit me up on Facebook.  The following is our brief exchange.

“All lives matter. Even Muslim lives.”

To which I reply,

Until such time they look to silence the life of even one human that has exhibited a track record of dealing with those opposite him or her having never employed violence to counter words

If you were President, what would you accomplish Day 1?

The first thing that I would do is make a push to banish the term “minority.”  Everyone in my administration would have to place $100 in a jar if he or she used the term – an honor system.  We would earmark the collected “fines” 🙂 to help ensure our inner-city, children were receiving three “squares” a day.

Secondly, I would undo the ban of WET FOOT/DRY FOOT.  Cuban lives matter as much as the lives of those from Mexico, Central and South America.  They would hear me in Cuba.

Then I would continue “bootstrapping” as I always have.  I would then fly to Texas, drive a shovel into the ground and begin an impenetrable wall – protecting exhaustible funds meant for Americans of African, Indian, Asian, Hispanic, White and yes, nonviolent, nondestructive dreamers.  (Which is probably most of you)  Immigration would not end, but in an effort to not play MONOPOLY with the people’s money, immigration would vary from month to month – based on what the United States economy could realistically sustain.



To Pence or petulance?

Although none of us is perfect, we do civilization a great favor when we allow for individuals to speak and be heard – even at the UC Davis’ of the “free world” – especially at the UC Davis’ of the free world.

To Pence or petulance – that is the question.

America has a number of adults.  It’s no secret that Vice President Mike Pence took family to see Hamilton – the musical.

In stark contrast to “That is what freedom sounds like,” Barack Hussein Obama mere days before the end of his final term squashed WET FOOT/DRY FOOT, but why? Why now?  Why treat Mexicans, and Central and South Americans differently from Cubans.  Why the obvious favor, but only for those south of our border?  Would it be fair to say that crossing from Cuba to the United States is at least as dangerous as from Mexico into the United States?  Could the answer lie within the fact that more than a handful of Americans of Cuban descent voted for Donald Trump?  Those Cuban Americans that voted Trump/Pence certainly didn’t help preserve the legacy of one Barack Hussein Obama.  Tit for tat?

My guess, Megalomaniacs don’t give a rat’s arse about their legacy.  They simply move on to the next thing that they can “pimp out.”

Imagine two fixed points – each as far as the east is from the west.  To Pence is west and to petulance is east.  Even though I voted Trump/Pence, each day I must choose whether to travel east or west.  So help me God, I will continue traveling west.

In essence there are two spirits gone out into this world; construction and destruction.  We are either part of the problem or part of the solution.


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