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Whether you are sojourning or you are a citizen makes no difference to me.  Whether an Atheist or Believer mattereth not either – as long as you believe in actual versus perceived individuality.  Having said that, if you are residing here and you are not here to either taste and see that America is, by and large, good, or facilitate greatness for yourself and all stateside, nonviolent individuality please feel free to leave. Additionally, for the love of all things decent, convince your ilk to leave U.S. too.

As an American, I’ve a responsibility to foster nonviolent debate and/or agreement.


My “gig” goes something like this – you read and decide whether or not to respond to the #WordPress blog entry, and if you decide to become further engaged you can listen to and interact with yours truly by dialing (657) 383-0613  each weekday morning from 10:45 AM EST.