The first thing that I would do is make a push to banish the term “minority.”  Everyone in my administration would have to place $100 in a jar if he or she used the term – an honor system.  We would earmark the collected “fines” 🙂 to help ensure our inner-city, children were receiving three “squares” a day.

Secondly, I would undo the ban of WET FOOT/DRY FOOT.  Cuban lives matter as much as the lives of those from Mexico, Central and South America.  They would hear me in Cuba.

Then I would continue “bootstrapping” as I always have.  I would then fly to Texas, drive a shovel into the ground and begin an impenetrable wall – protecting exhaustible funds meant for Americans of African, Indian, Asian, Hispanic, White and yes, nonviolent, nondestructive dreamers.  (Which is probably most of you)  Immigration would not end, but in an effort to not play MONOPOLY with the people’s money, immigration would vary from month to month – based on what the United States economy could realistically sustain.