Although none of us is perfect, we do civilization a great favor when we allow for individuals to speak and be heard – even at the UC Davis’ of the “free world” – especially at the UC Davis’ of the free world.

To Pence or petulance – that is the question.

America has a number of adults.  It’s no secret that Vice President Mike Pence took family to see Hamilton – the musical.

In stark contrast to “That is what freedom sounds like,” Barack Hussein Obama mere days before the end of his final term squashed WET FOOT/DRY FOOT, but why? Why now?  Why treat Mexicans, and Central and South Americans differently from Cubans.  Why the obvious favor, but only for those south of our border?  Would it be fair to say that crossing from Cuba to the United States is at least as dangerous as from Mexico into the United States?  Could the answer lie within the fact that more than a handful of Americans of Cuban descent voted for Donald Trump?  Those Cuban Americans that voted Trump/Pence certainly didn’t help preserve the legacy of one Barack Hussein Obama.  Tit for tat?

My guess, Megalomaniacs don’t give a rat’s arse about their legacy.  They simply move on to the next thing that they can “pimp out.”

Imagine two fixed points – each as far as the east is from the west.  To Pence is west and to petulance is east.  Even though I voted Trump/Pence, each day I must choose whether to travel east or west.  So help me God, I will continue traveling west.

In essence there are two spirits gone out into this world; construction and destruction.  We are either part of the problem or part of the solution.