Forced conversion has a “kissing cousin,” but we’ll get to that later.

Can you say Colleen Hufford?

American “ladies,” of the globalist vein, seem to be pretty active as of late – one, not unlike Angela Merkel, represented the Democratic Convention quite well, and her proxies attended an infamous, Women’s March a day after the inauguration of our forty-fifth President.

The attitude behind the heart of forced conversion isn’t exclusive to caliphate-cronyism. More than a few textbook-educated, Democrats, of the Modern Family version, believe that Christianity poses a threat equal to that expressed by the Alton Alexander Nolens of the “free world.”  Wildly, delusional are those men or women – nearly to the point of requiring medication.  Whether one is environmentally fond of Common Core mathematics or not, their math just doesn’t add up.

I have come across ardent, self-proclaimed atheists that consider religion itself civilization’s bane, and internally they would rather dispense entirely with those unwilling to dismiss with their faith.  Frankly, I am not comfortable with a White, immigrant that is either from Europe or of Nordic ancestry and quietly okay with eradicating any lawful American which governs his or her life based on endearment where the first amendment is concerned.  In fact, I would be deeply troubled if America’s Shiites decided tomorrow that they were looking to eradicate pro-First Amendment, Sunnis or vice versa.

Essentially, the burden of proof should rest squarely upon the shoulders of immigrants – regardless of their origin/skin color, or religion of choice – to include atheists.  All would- be-immigrants should be attached to a lie detector machine and asked whether or not they are okay with either forced conversion, or greater taxation for the unbeliever – an Obama favorite.

Our team created neither forced conversion nor its “Kissing Cousin,” the Lois Lerner form of governance.  Who needs Congress to create a law that respects an established world religion when you’ve the EEOC to ensure that the deeply held religious belief of Muslims are highly favored. Honest adults have concluded that Muslim bakeries would not create a cake for homosexual couples.

Forced conversion where Christianity is concerned is as common as the supposed uptick in crime against Muslims in America.

A dive-bomber just hit me up on Facebook.  The following is our brief exchange.

“All lives matter. Even Muslim lives.”

To which I reply,

Until such time they look to silence the life of even one human that has exhibited a track record of dealing with those opposite him or her having never employed violence to counter words