“But God is love.”  Yes Elohim is love, but that hardly qualifies you for either a Nobel Peace Prize or an honorary degree from the institute For contextual Correctness – jelly bean.  I will get around to waterboarding.  I promise. “God is love!”  Hey don’t I know you?  I do, I do know you!  You were a devout separation-of-church-and-statie for the last eight plus years – except for when America’s first “black” president would use God’s word sorely out of context on a biannual basis on live television.  You were too enamored by his “swag factor” weren’t you?  Did you; not unlike Chris Matthews, have a thrill go up your leg when forty-four first addressed us as a nation? You did, didn’t you?

Please allow for me to preface the rest of this blog entry with having said kudos to those LBT’ers that are down with creating their own churches and scouting organizations.  You get it!  As for the rest of you, grow up and stop being so petulant.

Mike Pompeo is goooood.  During his Senate confirmation hearings he had me convinced that he was a truly kind man that wouldn’t use “extreme” interrogation techniques like the FBI’s treatment of the Facebook posts, of the San-Bernardino-perp variety, under America’s first “black” president.  You know the guy that received a Nobel Peace Prize from zombie clones akin to ABC’s MODERN FAMILY.  In other words, for the Nancy Pelosi and John Lewis’ of the “free world,” Mr. Pompeo actually had me convinced that he wouldn’t use waterboarding at every turn.  I know gullibility is difficult to dispense with when there’s a thrill running up your leg but my god man.

Were you aware that the official motto of Massachusetts is THE SPIRIT OF AMERICA. Christians no longer have to fear using the word “SPIRIT” because they are afraid that snowflakes will misinterpret use of the word “spirit” with a mandatory, religious test to be approved by Congress.

Eureka, I’ve an idea.