If the sun ever arose victorious, surely May 1st, 1945 was one of those days.  God’s sun witnessed against the evil that was and is Adolf Hitler.  Most-assuredly a new day had dawned – a Tuesday fit for the annals of heaven.

Sigourney Weaver got to face the motherload during the 1979 filming of Director Ridley Scott’s Alien.  As gnarly as that fomenting quote unquote female, dog  was, the “Queen Bee” of everything extra-terrestrial, that wasn’t of the E.T. may we take you home to mom, variety had nothing on either Hitler or Muslim jihadists.  I understand that something just as insidious lurks in the shadow of Adolf’s fondness for a manipulated, manipulative cross – time-stamped Eastern, NBC and CNN time.

Contrary largely to the extent of Millennial education/indoctrination, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum believes that the Swastika easily predates not only Islam, but also “White Nationalism.”  I do not blame Millenials for being green behind the ears.  More than a few of our Millennials are “so well groomed” today.  For example, at least one writer mesh with 24 LEGACY alleges that the prophet Muhammad had Jewish and Christian friends. Ripened for Organizing For Action – all to eager for “Sometimes bloody even.”   Theirs is a creepy illness.  So critically ill is OFA that not only would they refuse to hold a door for a subject of agism, but block a roadway built also for the swift transport of an aging, American of African or Latino descent in dire need of a well-equipped, medical facility in an effort to be heard.

This blogger, author and filmmaker contends that anyone which associates Jews with dogs and monkeys cannot also fear the Swastika.  What sayest ye, mainstream media?  Why the uptick just in the last six to nine months – in terms of Swastika sightings, and; furthermore, why within communities which do boast large numbers of Muslims.  Muslims, not unlike our 50 SHADES OF Grey ladies both feign fear and disgust quite well, and could add this new low, even for feigning, to their LinkedIn profiles.  Say interesting, and try not to clap in unison for once in your “adult” life.

Furthermore, the Holocaust Memorial Museum asserts that “To this day it (the Swastika) is a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Odinism.”  If we determine one day that a rise in public Swastikas stateside, during the period of 2016/2017 A.D., was a result of Buddhist empowerment, would mainstream media correct course – rather than continue implying that White Nationalists were behind the sharp rise in Swastikas in communities boasting large numbers of Muslims?

Don’t hold your breath America.