Todd W. Utzig has degrees in Radio & Television Broadcasting and Business Management. Todd hopes to become a syndicated radio host.

America is exceptional because the adults in the room realize the stark difference between physical abuse and microaggressions – the idea that more voices rather than less lends itself to hearty/meaningful debate rather than creating clones via IRS attack dogs and latency.

America dodged a bullet on November 8th, 2016.  The last thing the last vestige of the “free world” needed was another Angela Merkel – unless you are down with blaming victims of rape for their individual choice where attire is concerned.  In similar fashion ’tis much easier for a “lady,” of the Modern Family variety, to champion women rights by calling on a fifteen year old operative sporting a bow stateside than not take a penny from nations run by actual male chauvinists.

Leaning on filmmakers that differ greatly from you in terms of your worldview reflects, at best, weakness – of the Un-American.